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More commonly referred to as "double pane" glass, insulated glass is a 3-piece, vaccuum sealed unit. Two pieces of flat glass are cut to size and then sealed together with a spacer and a layer of urethane butyl. Any air remaining in the interior space between the panes is then removed, or replaced with argon gas, in order to improve the insulating ability of the unit.

Insulated Unit
IGU 10 Year Warranty Allied Plate Glass is the leader in insulated glass replacement here in the Ohio Valley. We carry the highest quality units available and stand by our product. each of our insulated glass units come with a 10-year replacement warranty against seal failure. Contact the GlassGuys today to get a free quote on your insulated glass replacement.
Failed Insulated Glass
Is your Glass Starting to Fog Up?
This means that the seal around the perimeter of the double pane unit has likely failed. The only way to fix this and guarantee a good seal is to replace the failed unit with a new one.

Fogged Insulated Window Unit

Insulated Glass Units (IGU) have a limited lifespan which ends when the dessicant layer within the spacer is unable to absorb any more moisture. The amount of sunlight, varying temperatures, condition of window frame, and the type of glazing sealant used can all contribute to its failure. when this occurs the unit can become misty or fog up inside. In severve cases water droplets can even form between the panes. In any case, a failed unit loses its integrity and much of its insulating ability due to the moisture transfer within the panes.

A failed IGU can be replaced without having to replace the window frame. Our Glassguys frequently replace units that have failed due to broken glass and broken seals. New units can be manufactured using clear, pattern, obscure, or even Low-E efficiency glass.

Need grids in your window or a tint matched to the other windows in your house? No problem, we can replace units in most every brand of manufactured window frames.

The GlassGuys Know Best
Because there are multiple measurements associated with any one window, we prefer to measure the glass we are to replace. This cuts down on inaccuracies and incorrectly ordered glass. After we measure your glass, we will give you an estimate on the cost to make the replacements. Pending your approval, we then order your glass and it is usually manufactured and ready to be installed within 3 to 5 days.


For your convenience, we offer on-site installation of your new insulated units. Our Glassguys will first measure your window opening. We will then contact you with a quote for your new glass replacement. Upon your approval and the completion of your new glass unit, we will then return to remove and dispose of the old glass and install your new clear unit.



If your failed unit happens to be able to be removed (such as part of a double hung window), we also offer drop-off replacement for your insulated unit. Simply bring the old glass unit in to us and our glassguys will take care of the rest to ensure your satisfaction.

If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a free on-site estimate please do not hesitate to contact us.

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